A new term, a new topic! The 3rd Term began and we started reading ‘A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller, the matter of the next activity:

1. Important facts about Arthur Miller

He was an American man, born & raised in New York, in 1915, who experienced the last years of World War One. He was born under the descent of Jewish and Polish immigrants. However, after the Wall Street Crash he and his family had to move to Brooklyn where, after graduating from High School he had to work. There, besides, he started having  a playwriting course with Kenneth Rowe, who inspired him to be the marvellous playwriter he was. Moreover, he had a huge influence for his writings on account that he took part of the First and Second World War, and had various immigrant friends along his life, specially Italian.

2. When was it written?

A View from the Bridge was written in 1955

3. Historical & Social context
Find out information about Italian immigration to the USA after WW2

After WW2 Italy became a poor country, dealing with an economic depression, after Mussolini’s death. Therefore, Italian jobs became an impossible option for the society, hence, around 700.000 Italians decided to move and look for an opportunity, and began a new and better life in USA, an economically wealthier country. Furthermore, later, as well as Arthur Miller, many people had Italian & European relatives.

Besides, the plays that he wrote were, mostly, influenced by the stories and tales that he listened from his friends about the Italian immigrants, who were found  trying to escape illegally from the country to get into the US, find a job and go for a better life. In addition, he also got inspired in how some of them run away from the crowd and escape from the poneness of WW2.

On November 11th, we finished the story ‘A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller. We analized some questions about the characters and we were shown the following presentation which explains every essential detail of the book.

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