The Maze Runner – Booktube

In this first term, as our Term-Test of Oral or Speaking Skills, we were assigned each a book to read, about which, at the end of the term, we had to record a Booktube. This means uploading a video to YouTube talking about the story and focusing in determined aspects, depending on the task that each picked. The professor gave me the possiblity of choosing the novel I would read. I chose The Maze Runner by James Dashner and centered in some of the major characters. It is about a boy, named Thomas, who suddenly arrives in a box in a elevator and finds himself in the Glade, where no one remembered anything before arriving there, and  there was a Maze filled with wicked creatures. Thomas, unlike the others feels certain attraction to the Maze and believes he might have been there before.

This is my Booktube and I hope you like it:

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