A new learning method

At the end of this year, instead of having an ordinary evaluation, we will be evaluated based on our learning. You’ll be wondering… How is that going to be? By creating an e-portfolio.

What is an e-portfolio?

Task 1: Watch the following video and take notes.

  •  It allows you to present yourself in a profesional way
  • To enhance one’s learning
  • To keep track on what YOU are learning, not related to what the professor is teaching to all the students in the class
  • To become engaged in your education
  • It does not consist of the analysis of a poem but of connections between concepts we are taught and real life
  • To reflect on your learning
  • Make connection between your classes along the different years and your personal life throughout that period
  • To make otherwise invisible aspects of your learning visible
  • To expose what is going on in our heads that we are not saying

Task 2: Read and take notes

  • Besides of recording and documenting our learning, e-portfolios allow us to generate learning by connecting and reflecting not over concepts learned in class but also over things that happend in our lives or over different courses or assignments not related to our academic education.
  • Social constructivism: while we do build our knowledge on our own We will be also reflecting together with our peers, family members or professors through their comments, opinions and feedback.
  • this sharing is like telling a story
  • Invisible learning:
    • 1. The process of each students thoughts while learning, not focusing just on the product
    • 2. The feelings, personality and identity issues each student that can be connected to what they are learning.
  • Student-centered activity: the student is free to choose how to learn, which motivates his or her’s engagement on learning
  • Make connections between our learning in different contexts

TASK 3: Make connections between the video and the text. Write the summary.

The e-portfolio is a new method of learning which not only allows the students to make connections between their learning in various aspects of their lives, but they are able to build their learning through dialogues and interactions with their family, friends and professors and to become engaged in their learning too. This way, students can reflect over, document and record their knowledge, either academic, personal, emotional or regarding their identity, acquired along their lives and expose this otherwise invisible learning together with the visible one in the product. Thus, students can enhance their learning, generating more by keeping track on what each personally acquires and not based on what the professor taught to the entire class.

TASK 4: Visit some blogs from the students who are in Senior 5 now. Check out their last year portfolios. Choose 3 students and 

I chose the e-portfolio’s from Lucas Campion, Inés Galmarini and Gonzalo Criniti.

-what you like about their portfolio

What I like about Ines’ portfolio is that she is very keen on music and therefore, she connects poems or short stories with songs. As for Lucas’ portfolio I like how the different peoms of short stories reminded him of movies and how he managed to make connections between the writings and the movies. Finally, what I liked most from Gonzalo’s is that he related the poems and short stories read and analyzed with his personal experience, expressing his emotions and thoughts while reading.

-what is missing according to what you have read

Regarding Ines’ portfolio, I had difficulty at the moment of understanding the explanation of why she was able to connect those certain songs with the poems or short stories. In the case of Lucas’, I think it is really imaginative and entertaining the way he connected the texts with movies that may seem to have nothing to do with the texts themselves. There might be some lack of analysis of the texts, but I don’t know if it is so necessary. Similarly, Gonzalo’s portfolio successfully showed his personal reflections over the poems and short stories read, though not showing so much analysis.

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