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Students teaching students

In Literature, we have been discussing the genre «war poetry». With the rising of the First World War, which changed the traditional ways of fighting, various poets were inspired to write to capture their opposition against war. In order to … Sigue leyendo

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Lion heart by Amanda Chong

In Literature class, as regards the IGCSE’s syllabus, we continued on reading, analysing and learning the poem Lion Heart by Amanda Chong from “Songs of Ourselves”. According to a post on the professor’s blog, in groups, we had to analyse the … Sigue leyendo

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Song by Lady Mary Wroth

Recently, in Literature, we have been reading and analyzing the poem «Song» by Lady Mary Wroth. A poem that criticised men in every sense you could imagine. From her outlook, they were ambicious, lazy and not trastful at all, etc… … Sigue leyendo

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