News Report of Crimes

For Friday 19th, in Language, we had to find a news report about a resent crime, as a mug, create a summary and then an oral presentation to expose in class.

Fox News Report – Homicide

I chose a crime article from Fox News website about a homicide in Times Square, New York. A 26 year-old man, Richard Rojas, advanced in his car, at the Crossroads of the World, over anyone who got in his way, killing a tourist and injurying severly 22 people. Finally, he was sent to jail, however, as it is assumed that he was under Marijuana effects, he did not remember anything.

Homicide in Times Square

Today I am going to talk to you about a New York post from the Fox News website that explained a resent crime from last week in New York, Times Square.

A 26 year-old exNavyman, Richard Rojas, last Thursday went up his Maroon Honda and released a butchery along the 42nd Street murdering an 18 year-old tourist and harming harshly 22 other people.

Driving through the Seventh Avenue, allegedly high on PCP Marijuana, he made a U-turn at West 42nd Street and sped up in the wrong direction. Pedestrians walking along the sidewalk and anyone who crossed in his way were slammed, until the vehicle crashed into a post. Then, people were agonizing at the side of the road while others approximated to help them, and emergencies arrived.

A woman nearly her mid-forties witnessed the “the total caos after the incident”. After the block was turned around as the fire trucks were seen, it could be recognised ‘the ticket seller’ lying on the floor without moving, and numerous people bleeding on the sidewalk and other people who approached to assist them.

Fortunately, he was sent to jail despite the fact that the morning he got there, as he woke up he didn’t have a clue of what happened the day before, speaking deliberately words from out of the blue and staring at nowhere. Besides, after the car lit on fire, fire trucks arrived and the flames were doused.

In conclusion, although this issues are not widely know in other countries, accidents happen and injure and murder many people. Luckily, most of them are solved and authoroties intervene to solve the problems. In this case, the damages caused to people were treated, the fire was seased but, disgracefully, the yoi


  • Unleash: release
  • Carnage: massacre, butchery
  • Pedestrian: a person walking along the road
  • Allegedly: it is used to convey that something is claimed to be  the case although there is no proof.
  • Rampage: disturbm
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