Dumb Martian Drawings

Last week, in Language, we had to read a short story called ¨Dumb Martian¨ by John Wyndman, about a martian, called Lellie, who was bought by a man, called Duncan, who would traffic her with him to work in Jupiter IV/II, in a space station. There she was mistreated and submitted to domestic violence, until a man, called Alan Winter, who teaches her to read and write, introducing her the power she can have although she is a different woman, from Mars.

After analyzing this story, the teacher asigned 3 students from the class, Sofia Mele, Marcos Okecki & me, to draw:

  1.  The setting in place of the story (Mars / Jupiter IV/II) – Sofia
  2. The main character of the story, Lellie, as it is described in the story – Marcos
  3. A posible cover for the story, including the characters and the title – me, Anouk


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