Descriptions into Poems

In Language class, we were assigned, in pairs, the task of taking pictures of a representative place from or city in order to, later, write a description of it. I wrote it with Abril Terán Frías, and we chose the Museo de Bellas artes. This is our work:

            Near the heart of Recoleta, Buenos Aires, it is found the emblem of the national museums’ system of the National Ministry of Culture, the Museo Nacional Bellas Artes. It was founded in 1895 due to a decree of President José Evaristo Uriburu, but is nowadays directed by Andrés Duprat. Its extraordinary artistic heritage, which makes it the largest public collection in Latin America, is one of the characteristics that make this museum unique.

             The antique building where the museum is actually located was built in 1870, with the original purpose of being a drainage pumping station. However, in 1933 the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes was transferred into this building. The well known architect Alejandro Bustillo was in charge of adapting the place for its current use. Eventually, the building constantly is submitted to remodelations, but it still preserves its vintage style.

             Strolling along the 24 exhibition halls that the ground floor offers, visitors can appreciate the most important Latin American collection of impressionism and post-impressionism, by painters such as Manet and Van Gogh. The first floor is devoted to the art of the 20th century, mostly to Argentinean and Latin American art. Its exhibition rooms present paintings of masters from the beginning of the century such as Picasso and Xul Solar.

           Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is also characterized by its top-level staff. Its excellency and professionalism is combined with the passion and the thrust with which workers perform their different tasks. The National museum belongs to the community, and therefore, admission is free. This allows more people to visit the museum and live a singular experience as well as it benefits those who feel allured by art and enjoy visiting the museum frequently.

             All in all, the Museo Nacional Bellas Artes provides fascinating expositions to satisfy the extended public that it receives everyday. It does not only appreciate the local and Latin American art, but also Modern European art, including of course the alternative exhibitions that stay temporarily within the museums walls. So take a ride to the museum where you will find great artworks and the best treatment will be at your disposal.

As a project work, in Literature class, we were told to write a poem based on the description that we had done. Although it was not compulsory to rhyme or be grammatical, we had to include literary devices: metaphor, simile, personification, hyperbole, etc, and illustrate the poem with a picture of the monument or place described. This is our poem:

Near the core,
the flow of burgeoning dwellers
beholds an emblem of artistic heritage.

Antique structure,
walls used to conceal
the hollow pumping of drainage,
Like the lub-dub of a heart.

But now filled,
embracing the modern art
of the once colonizers,
and the once colonized.

Alluring beauty of art
maintained with passion and thrust,
Shall reflect awe,
and impression in your view.

By: Abril Terán Frías & Anouk de Laferrere


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