Today in Biology class, we continued learning about the Nervous System, especifically the Reflex Arc. We had been studying the different types of neurones. Now we include them into the group of structures of the Reflex Arc. To dig further, we answered the following questions in our “Base Groups”. I am with Belén Brito Peret and Ramiro Aizpiri.

  1. Search a video showing an example of a reflex action.

  2. Explain the term reflex action.

The reflex action is the complete process by which stimuli are sensed by the corresponding receptors which send nerve impulses to the spinal cord and then to the effectors which act unconsciously.

  3. State the structures involved in a reflex arc.

  • Receptor
  • Sensory neurone
  • Relay neurone
  • Motor neurone
  • Effector

  4.  Explain how the reflex action in your video takes place.

In our video the reflex action is when we touch something hot, in this case, fire. Once our fingertips sense the temperature (stimulus), the skin transmits nerve impulses to the sensory neurone to the spinal cord, where the relay neurone passes the electrical impulses to the motor neurone which continues till the bicep. Therefore, the muscle (effector) contracts producing a response to the stimulus; our arm bends.

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