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Now that the year has finished and we have accomplished our goal of sitting for the Literature IGCSE prepared with all the content that we needed, Pato Chujman, our Literature professor, assigned as the task of writing a review about the entire subject. This is my work:

Along the last three years, learning, analysing and understanding Literature was an extended process that was challenging as well as fulfilling. I had not realised this before until we had finished with the IGCSE exams in which we had to make use of every little thing that we had learnt it class.

In senior 1, each of the poems and stories that we analysed were studied in class. This was more easily done due to the fact that we had the ebeam in which we communally read and spotted literary devices in the poems. As for the stories, we read and examined them in class too, allowing myself to understand them quickly. I still clearly remember The Prison and how Tony was an awkward miserable kid who could not match his thoughts with his actions. Respecting the classes in which we read Arthur Miller’s play, they were utterly dynamic. Besides, it was really fun each student interpreting certain characters.

In senior 2, Literature lessons were taught by Dani Barra rather than you. She managed to make the most of every class. For we learnt, or unless, I learnt varied types of literary devices either by poems or stories. However, I recently realised that we actually did not make that much of progress as I thought. Going through what we had studied, I noticed that we were able solely to see three poems out of which one we had already seen and other I just deeply understood when revising to sit for the IGCSE, and three stories. Though, we also dedicated time on becoming acquainted on how to do an Unseen.

Finally, in senior 3, we were completely nervous as we knew there was not much time before we had to sit for the Literature IG. Therefore, you rushedly explained to us the six poems and four stories that we were left, obviously, without missing any detail that was needed for their understandment. I honestly have no idea how you could organise in the few classes that we had to teach all of them. I think this was the most productive and helpful, though intense, year of the three. I could perfectly understand the texts that we read as well as the ones that were not so clear from the previous years. Moreover, I registered that I was capable of learning how to identify literary devices on texts, which I am very proud of.

All in all, all the three years had their obstacles because at the end of the day, although the results are positive, there were some negative imprints on the way. Nevertheless, the outcomes proved to be extremely rewarding. For I think that the end of this year, including the IGCSE, capture very well the effort of all these three years thanks to such useful and profitable preparation.

Thank you tons Pato!

Anouk de Laferrere


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  1. Pat dijo:

    WOW!!! What a three year review!!
    I love the way you write and express feelings. It is a pleasure to share Literature with you!

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