Last Booktube

The last term of the year, last Lending Library of the year. The last Lending Library ever. Now that the third term of 2018 is getting to an end, we had to record one last Booktube based on the Lending Library that we had chosen to read. Mine was “Will Grayson, will grayson”, one the New York Times’ bestseller by John Greene and David Levithan. The story is about a teenaged guy living in a suburb of Chicago called Will Grayson, and another teenager living in a different suburb of Chicago called Will Grayson as well. I know it sounds super confusing. The fact is that these two completely contrary characters, regardless of their names, at some point of the diegesis, meet. That’s when both of their lives have an abrupt change of direction in a positive way. As the task for my Booktube, I decided to discuss the title of the novel and, besides, suggest new ideas for distinct titles, explaining my choices. This is my Booktube, hope you like it!

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