After by Philip Bourke Marston

In the past three Literature classes we have been working in pairs each focusing on one different poem from the other. We began digging into the Literary Movement that it belonged to and learning about the life of the author. Then we continued to analyse the literary devices used, including the theme and tone. Each detail that added up to this information was added to a presentation. I was paired with Juana Zufriategui and this is our presentation:

Once we finished analysing the poem, we were told to make drawings representing each stanza or moment of the poem. We decided to make a comic-strip.(PD: You have to read the poem to understand it)
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  1. Trini, Abril y Sofi dijo:

    Great work! We believe the analysis was really deep and complete, it was very helpful to understand the poem. The comic strip described the comic perfectly and was visually appealing. It was a great work in overall and a beautiful poem!
    Do you believe that the author was inspired to write this poem by his personal life?

  2. Ramiro Aizpiri dijo:

    Your post is great. I really like the way in which you explain the poem and illustrate the stanzas with the amazing drawings.

  3. oliviaobligado dijo:

    I really liked the choice of the poem that you have worked on. It analyzed a topic that is very interesting for me, such as life after death. In my opinion what catched my attention was the uncertainty that this issue causes in people, and how in this poem is interpreted, is amazing.
    Question: After reading and analizyng the poem, do you believe that is useless to be in heaven?

  4. Oliverio Llobet dijo:

    Very interesting post! Here goes my question. What do you think the rhyme Phillip Bourke Marston made in the first stanza mean to you?

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