Pictures into Poems

In Literature, throughout this last term, we have been working on several poems and now is the time for us to write one. We had to base it on a picture of our own. This is the picture I chose and the poem that I wrote:

Doors to the Soul

Blue, sparkling blinds,

Bushes, one after the other,

Lined up surrounding

Those shut doors, 

protecting what’s under.


Blue, hiding the mind,

Feathers, ebony as if tougher,

Preventing any break in,

Yet, smooth and tender


Blue, concealing the truth

And leaving us

Wondering what’s inside

Is it good or bad?

Is it Heaven or Hell?

I guess we’ll never know


Unless that blue glides off

And those shrubbers open a path

Falsery and our imagination

Is all we are left and hast.

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