Is it Art?

In Art class, during the second term, we have watched the documentary called “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. After we carried out a debate to discuss whether what Terry, the protagonist, made was art. We then proceeded to learn about the cases of Marcel Duchamp who stated arguments for justifying their being the creators of the ‘readymade’ art movement. But… Is Duchamp’s “readymade” artwork Art? Why?

I know that Marcel Duchamp’s “readymade” urinal is art. I think of the concept of “art” as a creation by someone who had the intention to do it and meant to express a specific message, an idea, his or her feelings through it, no matter what the medium used was. This form of expression should definitely appeal to the senses of anyone to whom is presented. I do not believe an artwork ought to be related to beauty or valued aesthetically. It can be a horrendous piece, yet it can be art. Through the urinal Duchamp purchased from the first store he saw, he does transmit the message he intended to regarding his bitter feelings towards the ego, ambition, conservativeness and close mindedness that, through his eyes, the members of the National Academy of Design impersonated. Thus he did make a creation communicating a message, idea and his feelings not following an aesthetic aim. In my opinion, the lack of aestheticity was on purpose to express the disgust he felt towards them. He came up with the simplest idea to sign the urinal “R. Mutt” to transmit a fully developed message.


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